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YES fellow troopers! I’ll have skate dec

The Pencil Fighters is the creative brand of Ronald "Ronzi" White. A Graphic Artist whose early influences were comic books and sports. Being a jock/nerd led to the exposure of 2 different worlds of art and design. His bold colorful style has evolved over the years and he credits that to continuous learning, observing, and education.

The battlecry of, "DEFEND THE ARTS" grew from always hearing about art programs being the first to go when school budgets were cut. For some students, their athletic arena IS the art department. Give them a blank canvas and their imagination can run wild! When that talent goes unnourished it slowly fades away.

So, fellow creatives, collectors, and artistic types, welcome to the home base of THE PENCIL FIGHTERS! I hope you come back often and remember-


I hope we cross paths one day.

- Ronzi

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